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The Kitchener Waterloo Internet Users Group gratefully acknowledges the support of the following individuals and organizations:

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University of Waterloo

Institute of Computer Research

Meeting Room and Facilities

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Sentex Communications Corporation

KWIUG Web Site Hosting and Mailing List Server
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Domain name funding

KWIUG Sponsorship

It is KWIUG Executive's plan to remain non-profit and to continue to offer free activities and information resources to its members. To date, KWIUG has been maintained by both the generosity of its members and various supporting organizations.

This support has usually been in the form of Internet facilities, meeting space, etc. However, with our membership drive to build awareness of the Kitchener Waterloo Internet User Group, it has become necessary to generate some direct revenue in order to cover production of information brochures, a KWIUG banner, domain name registration and promotion oriented tools.

The Kitchener Waterloo Internet Users Group gratefully acknowledges the support of these organizations.

On average, the KWIUG site home page receives between 20 to 80 visits per day, and of course with added membership we hope this number will increase.

If you are interested in speaking to one of the KWIUG Executive about sponsorship opportunities, please contact a member of the KWIUG Executive. Thank you for your support!

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