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November 19, 2004

Official KW-MozParty

This month's meeting was dedicated to the promotion of the launch of Firefox 1.0, Mozilla's extensible browser platform.

The KWozilla Firefox 1.0 Release Party was a success. Here are the photos.

April 22, 2003

Open Source Web Software

This month's meeting will be about open source web software. PHP and MySQL provide a great combination for interactive websites. PHP also does a number of things using a server or standalone. PHP can be used to publish PDF using free PDF libraries.

Sandy Hunter will demonstrate two examples of combining open source software. PHPNuke is a popular communication portal that involves the use of PHP coupled with the MySQL database server. An instance of a PHPnuke will be shown. As an example of PHP used in conjunction with a web server and a free PDF library, a PDF publishing demonstration will be shown.

November 26, 2002

Using JavaScript to enhance Web sites

Finishing off our series on HTML Authoring, Umer Farooq demonstrated some basic Javascript you can use to spice up your Web pages.

View Umer's presentation material online

September 24, 2002

The A-Z of making $$$ on the web as a small biz

Stephan Logan of Indigo Instruments will give us a view of how the webbiz has evolved since 1994.

Stephan will try to cover:

Some of these topics have been covered in other meetings recently, but Stephan presents an alternative view based on his experience and successes.

In addition, Sonia Thompson from Investment Planning Counsel will be giving a short presentation on how the addition of a Web site has enhanced the business.

June 25, 2002

Advanced HTML Authoring

KWIUG member Piotr Pytlik will demonstrate some advanced HTML techniques, including scripting and Active Server Pages.

May 28, 2002

HTML Authoring Tools

KWIUG member Sandy H. will be giving a demonstration of DreamWeaver 3. He'll build a site with it, then put in graphics for text from a bizarre font that no one would have on their computer, using fireworks. If time permits Bob Jonkman will chime in with a quick demonstration of uploading the created Web pages to a server.

(Sandy's presentation notes can be downloaded (MS-Word document, 29 KiBytes) or viewed online)

March 26, 2002

Genealogy on the Internet

How can you research your roots on the Internet? How can you share your genealogical data with others? Marjorie Kohli from the Waterloo/Wellington Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society will provide the answers at this month's meeting.

(Marj's presentation notes for this meeting are available online)

February 26, 2002

Internet Marketing Seminar

What is your E-Marketing strategy? Don't have one? If you're serious about providing an online presence to your current business you need a web strategy to ensure your web presence is building and growing your business, not burdening it. We look at areas, such as web domains, customer interfaces, search engines and directories, online and offline promotions, opt-in newsletters and ways to measure your success (Advertising. Metrics).

Maciek Makarski and Cory Kittel of the Student Connection Program at the Wilfrid Laurier University School of Business and Economics will be presenting this evening.

Industry Canada from time to time provides software to offer to SCP clients, so there will be a raffle at the KWIUG meeting based on attendee registration.

November 27, 2001

Online Gaming

Think the Internet is only for serious research? Well, there are some people who would call it the greatest time waster on the planet. Find out what sort of recreational activity there is to be found on the 'Net -- interactive first-person shooters, strategy games like 'Risk' or 'Dungeons and Dragons', online Chess, and more.

October 23, 2001

Microsoft introduces WindowsXP

Microsoft's WindowsXP is due to be released on 25 October 2001. We hope to bring in a representative from Microsoft Canada to show off WindowsXP, and also bring the latest news on the Microsoft .NET initiative.

September 25, 2001

2nd Annual "Privacy and Security on the Internet" meeting

Zero Knowledge Systems has been invited to demonstrate the privacy and security tool Freedom , and will lead a discussion on how your privacy and anonymity can be compromised on the Internet.  ZKS has not yet confirmed their attendance, this page will be updated when the meeting is finalized.

Ian Goldberg, Chief Scientist of Zero Knowledge Systems will be leading a discussion on Internet privacy issues and how your privacy and anonymity can be compromised on the Internet. ZKS is the company that developed the privacy and security tool Freedom . Unfortunately, a product demonstration will not be held this meeting.

After the break there will be a PGP keysigning session; cypherpunks from across the world are invited! Check the Toronto Cypherpunks web site, and learn more about PGP keysigning and the PGP Web of Trust .

June 26, 2001

Art on the Internet

There are a number of speakers lined up for our June meeting:

Ralph Boerke explains combining traditional with computer enhanced images, large format printing, and using the Internet as a sales tool; Stephan Logan describes how he created a three-dimensional, rotating image for his Web site; and renowned KW artist Lance Russwurm discusses the transition from traditional media to electronic media, and his use of computer tools in commercial art.

Unfortunately, there was no response from either of two local Macromedia resellers, who were asked to show off their latest wares and hold a demonstration on how to create a simple Flash animation. If there are any KWIUG Flashers who want to help out with a demonstration, please let Bob Jonkman know!

You can check our presenters' Web sites at:




May 22, 2001

Banking on the Internet

The Royal Bank presents "Banking on the Internet". Joan Roblin and Adrian De Silva from the Waterloo Royal Bank office will demonstrate how you can do your personal banking online, using the Internet. The new Bill Presentment feature called "webdoxs" will be highlighted. Worried about security? Come to the meeting, see how it's done, and ask any questions to set your mind at ease.

April 24, 2001

Storage Area Networks

The KWIUG meeting of 24 April 2001 will feature a presentation by Frank Montelpare of XIOtech.

XIOtech develops and manufactures Storage Area Network solutions. SANs are one of the latest trends in networking technology, combining large capacity storage with network accessibility.

Frank will have a presentation of XIOtech's products, including The Magnitude, a combined RAID controller, fibre channel switch, and volume management product. Frank will be accompanied by Carlo Spalvieri, XIOtech's Systems Engineer, to give us the nitty-gritty on SANs, their capabilities, technical requirements, and for the bean- counters among us, what business conditions call for a SAN solution.

The Kitchener Waterloo Internet Users Group hosts a presentation on "Internet Search Engines". Paul Stewart of will discuss the Canadian Links directory which now indexes over a million sites. Paul will answer any questions regarding technology of search engines.

Have a look at an introduction to The Magnitude, and XIOtech's white paper on True Virtualization.

February 27, 2001

Creating an eCommerce Web Site

The Kitchener Waterloo Internet Users Group is hosting a presentation on "Creating an eCommerce Web Site". Piotr Pytlik from DoubleP Software in Waterloo will be demonstrating the use of XML (eXtensible Markup Language) to create a secure shopping basket for the web site. Piotr will discuss plug-ins, merchant processor credit card authorization, custom shipping calculations, and the technology required.

January 23, 2001

Tools for Privacy on the Web

Bob Jonkman
Online Resources:
ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm

ZoneAlarm is like a personal firewall, requiring your permission for any inbound access from the Internet to your computer, as well as any outbound access from your computer to the Internet. Check your vulnerability with ShieldsUp after installing! AG's Web Washer

Prevent the display of unwanted items in your web browser, and restricts the use and lifespan of cookies. Prevent browsing certain sites altogether Also acts as a proxy server, allowing multiple computers to share one Internet connection.

LavAsoft's Ad-Aware

Checks for programs and files which are known to collect your personal information and transmit it back to marketing agencies. Checks in memory for running processes, files and directories on the hard disk, and registry entries.

Zero Knowledge Systems' Freedom

A complete suite of privacy tools, including:

Protect your PC from malicious hackers

Speed up and secure online registrations and transactions

Prevent Web sites from tracking your activities

Control ads and speed up browsing

Gibson Research Corporation's ShieldsUp and LeakTest

What is your computer showing the rest of the world? ShieldsUp is an online tool to test how your computer responds to 'doorknob rattling' hackers. LeakTest is a small application that checks the ability of your firewall software to prevent unwanted outbound transmissions.


October 24, 2000

Links we visted:


NASA TV http: //

NASA TV directly on RealPlayer rtsp://

Space Telescope Science Institute

Ralph Boerke's Space Images

WWII Posters http://members.home. net/rboerke/poster1.htm

Lance Russwurm's Aviation Art

Lighting a barbecue in three seconds (and other stuff)

September 26, 2000

Internet Privacy and E-mail Security

Robert Guerra,
Toronto Cypherpunks

Richard Outerbridge,

Online Resources for Privacy and Security:

Freeware (International) version of PGP:

Commercial version of PGP (from Network Associates, Inc.):

PGP Mailing List

Get help on using PGP through e-mail from users all over the world

Crypto-Canada Mailing List

Discussions on cryptography in Canada, including policy, legislative issues, software developments, privacy issues in the media, and announcements on privacy-related conferences and key-signing sessions.


Cypherpunks discuss social, moral and Internet issues, with the belief that strong cryptography will preserve human rights. Cypherpunks write the code to make this possible, and so the mailing lists can be technical in nature. A strong undercurrent of anarchy runs through the Cypherpunk community.

Gibson Research Corporation's ShieldsUp and OptOut

What is your computer showing the rest of the world? An online tool to test how your computer responds to 'doorknob rattling' hackers.

ZoneLabs' ZoneAlarm

ZoneAlarm is like a personal firewall, requiring your permission for any inbound access from the Internet to your computer, as well as any outbound access from your computer to the Internet. Check your vulnerability with ShieldsUp after installing!

Microsoft Windows Update

June 22, 1999

Kids and Parents on the 'Net

Collaboration Leader:
Bill Green Agenda Comments Kids and Parents on the 'Net
Kelly Craft Kids and Parents on the 'Net

October 27, 1998

Money on the Web

Collaboration Leader:
Shawn Kenny Agenda Comments Using the Web for Investing
Electronic Status of Stock Exchanges
Stock Quotes
Web-Based Portfolio Management
On-Line Stock Scams

Workshops for the Amateur Web Site Designer
Designing and Publishing Your Personal Home Page
PART II - Basic Graphic Design Concepts, Graphics Editors and Basic Scanning Techniques

http://www.hotwired. com/webmonkey/
or you can get there with

http://www.zdnet. com/devhead/
or you can get there with

Graphics Editors Summary: http://www.kwiug. org/archives/graphics/

September 22, 1998

Beyond "Surfing" - What Can I Do Now?

Collaboration Leader:
Shawn Kenny Agenda Comments

ICQ I - An Introduction
Cindy Kemp and Carol Woodward
- What it is
- What it does
- Who is using it
- Common features
- Accounts of use (friendships, penpals, marriages)

Introduction of KWIUG Executive Committee

online -ONTARIO - A Brief Introduction
Dianne Mead - Webmaster, online -Ontario

Workshops for the Amateur Web Site Designer
Designing and Publishing Your Personal Home Page
PART I - Basic HTML Editors and Design Concepts
Richard Beers - Technical Support Specialist, Labtronics Inc.

online -Ontario:
HTML Editors Summary: http://www.kwiug. org/archives/editors/

April 28, 1998

Sex on the 'Net (The New Sexuality)

Collaboration Leader:
Shawn Kenny Agenda Comments Sex on the 'Net (The New Sexuality) - Pete Dixon

Thesis: Ignoring Sex on the Net is impossible, so fear and all joking aside let's understand what's going on to drive it.

Complete Summary Just wanted to let you know that we had a really good time at the meeting last night. Lots of informative and thoughtful discussion, and neat tips too. It was nice to run into Jay as well -- we were on the same floor in 1st year residence at the University of Waterloo.

See you at the next meeting!

Colette & Warrick Wilson

Wish I had been there. I live in Cornwall but give me 24 hours notice next time, and I will make it for a meeting!!


Friend Finder:
Herpes World:

March 24, 1998


Collaboration Leader:
Shawn Kenny Agenda Comments MCSE - Mike McPherson
To be announced...

February 24, 1998

Internet Security II

Collaboration Leader:
Bill Green Agenda Comments

Personal Internet Security - Eric Stern

Clean Net:
Cyber Patrol:
Recreational Software Advisory Council:
Sun Microsystems:

January 20, 1998

Internet Security I

Collaboration Leader:
Bill Green Agenda Comments

Personal Internet Security - Eric Stern

ICQ: http://www.mirabilis. com

December 16, 1997

More Mixed Bag

Collaboration Leader: Doug Greening Agenda Comments

The Internet In Germany - Andre Anneck

The Electronic Santa - Rob Rutherford, Web Page Productions and The Electronic Directory Services
Santa's Web Site: http://www.webpagepro. com/santa

November 25,1997

More Mixed Bag

Collaboration Leader: Doug Greening Agenda Comments
Remember the difference is that FP operates on separate HTML files, while LiveLink operates in SGML format, not on discrete files, but on a database. Also LiveLink is aimed at the corporate client/server environment with lots of users and huge documents.

For example, I have heard that the documentation that drug companies have to keep for government regulations for just one drug, fills a railroad boxcar! With a tool like LiveLink, all this documentation could theoretically be placed on a corporate intranet. You wouldn't use FP for this anymore that you would use Microsoft Word to do a 1,000 page document (although some foolishly do). Also lot of documentation from industry for the U.S. government is in SGML format.

FP and LiveLink are in totally different markets and environments. As long as this is kept in mind there is no way they are competing against each other, nor should they even be compared. LiveLink is for a unique niche market. - Craig Marley

I must point out that the name of the product discussed was LivePAGE not LiveLink and we should make that disctinction clear. LiveLink is a groupware product by Opentext - see - so let's be careful :) -Piotr Pytlik

I wrote to Rich Crowley at Inforium and asked about a few topics that went by quickly at the show.

The SQL database (or Oracle or...) that contains the web document that you are working on will in many cases be the same platform that your other company information will reside on.

That is the value of LivePage.

If you are have a list of, say, parts and prices and descriptions,... in a database you can combine these with your html documents. - Ralph Boerke

I must confess that I tried 2 new things during my KWIUG meeting demo last week. First, I tried NOT to make it a pure product demonstration. My reason for doing so was that I was under the impression that just hammering through features and functions of LivePAGE might be offensive and appear to 'sales pitchy' and that speaking more generally about the technology might be a better approach with this group.

Second, since I always get asked very early in my presentation about how/why livepage is different than frontpage and netobjects fusion, I thought I would head this off by stating that it is different and that we are not trying to position it to compete with these products at all.

After thinking through this approach, I have come to the following conclusions. First, displaying as many of the neat features that LivePAGE provides as possible would have been just fine. However, unless at least some of these features are unique, then such a presentation wont win many converts. Having unique features that help you overcome current difficulties will. This is common sense of course but sometimes 'unique' is subjective and you all gave me good feedback on this aspect of LivePAGE.

Second, I could have done a better job of explaining what LivePAGE is instead of what it is not. One of things that would have helped me to give you the sense that LivePAGE is a large scaleable system would be if I had given you a demo of a 5000 page site instead of a 75 page, 'sample intranet' web site. Showing how existing products like frontpage don't perform as well at such volumes would have been helpful as well.

So...I'm a bit disappointed that I guessed wrong on the first issue but really did come away with some great insights based on your questions and comments. Thanks for the opportunity to present and good luck in your web ventures. - Rich Crowley

LivePage: http://www.livepage. com Inforium:

October 28, 1997

More Mixed Bag

Collaboration Leader: Shawn Kenny Agenda Comments
Really enjoyed last night's meeting (my first). I'll be sure to make it out more often! - W. Warrick PACProspector: Trends in Bandwidth Options: http://www.darleen. com/bandwidth

December, 1996 to September, 1997

Yes...there were meetings...good one's too...but this section was not kept up...sorry.

November 26, 1996

Power Graphics

Collaboration Leader: John Zinger Agenda Comments Yes guys thanks it was great.
Animated GIFs resource: com/royalef/gifanim.htm

October 22, 1996

Internet Commerce and Marketing

Agenda Comments via Comment Form KWIUG has done it again! Your choice of program content was pertinent, and well presented. The topic of marketing on the Internet was of particular interest to me as I am directly involved in developing strategies that are beneficial to my clients. It was refreshing hearing the ideas and views from other perspectives. This is the reason KWIUG provides such a valuable service to those associated with this industry. It is my hope that the executive continues to recognize that the majority of members such as myself are very appreciative of having the opportunity to have such a forum. The executive and the members who volunteer their time and share their knowledge for the benefit of the group are to be commended. Despite the recent painful and discouraging events you have endured, I wanted to assure you the executive, that your efforts are very much appreciated.
On Line Resources:

September 24th, 1996

Microsoft's plans for the 'Net

Collaboration Leader: Doug Greening Agenda Comments via Comment Form Microsoft has laid some very interesting ground work in creating a presence on the Internet. In September's KWIUG session, a number of members presented introductory overviews and favourite features on a few Microsoft Internet packages. On-Line Resources: Net Meeting - Courtesy Kelly Craft

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